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Short Courses in General

‘The necessary development of consciousness’

With the common title 'The Necessary Development of Consciousness’ we hold weekly courses on a regular basis all year round. At these weekly courses you can choose different subjects - but at the core of all of them is an interest in human development.

Human Consciousness

Every element of the teaching is linked to its starting point: human consciousness. We are interested in what every subject taught can tell us about our existence and ourselves.

Foundation of the school

Mankind has wondered and pondered since the creation of the world: how do you relax and get new energy most effectively in a short time? Can you get a shot of the pulsating force of the universe, of new cosmic vitamins?

For millennia the answer has been meditation. With closed eyes you slide inwards towards the centre, where everything is created. It is not a thought, imagination or an idea. It is to experience subtler planes of consciousness and let the thought settle down. It is silence – peace of mind. It is to transcend, i.e. transcend the idea, to reach the source of thought, the creative origin of the soul, the completely quiet place, our actual higher self.

Transcendental Meditation

Today Transcendental Meditation is the most well-known and scientifically recognized meditation technique practiced worldwide by millions of people. They achieve a level of rest, which, measured scientifically in the body, is twice as deep as that in your deepest sleep. The technique is without concentration, exertion or control of the mind. It is a natural way of reaching the purest planes of consciousness, where you are in harmony with nature's most nourishing and rebuilding forces.


Basically, we are the essence of all wisdom or knowledge. An ancient word of knowledge is 'veda' and in our time the wise man and great seer, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, has formulated a science based on experience with the full reach of consciousness. This basic science, the science of consciousness, forms the foundation of the school’s teaching.