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Learn to Meditate

– Simple, Easy and Efficient

All human beings have an infinite potential. The resource found in human consciousness is perhaps the greatest of all.

Consciousness is the common denominator of life and an inexhaustible source of knowledge, intelligence, creativity, joy of life, and energy, which can be naturally and effortlessly recognized and enlightened in the quiet mind – by the source of thought – and enriching and enlightening all aspects of life.


Know Yourself

During the course you get a deep insight into what meditation and human development is all about, and you learn Transcendental Meditation, which is a simple technique for deep rest and development of consciousness and your personality in all. If our consciousness is awake, lit and alive, our thoughts will be clearer, our feelings more harmonious and integrated, and our activities constructive and life-enhancing. The body gets renewed, and the development of our physiology is also important for our energy and health.


How it works

Within twenty minutes, the meditation brings the body to an extraordinary deep rest, which dissolves deeply rooted tensions. Old stuck patterns and old fatigue are replaced by renewed energy and feelings of respect for life. Life is appreciated higher as health and well-being increases.


The key to a better life

During this unique course we offer you the key to the unlocking of our human resources, gaining of energy that transform everyday stress into joy and calmness, and enables you to live a healthier and more creative life.


Welcome to an amassing turning point in your life at The School of Development of Consciousness

Examples of lecture titles and topics in the course:

  • A millennium-old technique of human evolution was put under the magnitude of science.
  • Recent research on Transcendental Meditation has shown outstanding results.
  • When life heals itself – Introduction to Maharishi Ayurveda, the world's oldest healthcare system.
  • Sleep well – The causes of sleep problems and how they are solved in nature's own way.
  • Peace and harmony in the individual's consciousness - as a prerequisite for peace in the collective consciousness.
  • Growth through appreciation – How sensory impressions are transformed into inspiration, love and bliss.
  • Maharishi Sthapatya-Veda – Architecture and urban planning that builds health and ensures success and progress.
  • What is stress, tension and blockages?
    • How do stress get stuck?
    • How to remove stress again?
    • And how to eliminate the negative effects of stress.

You get a tool for ground-breaking changes in your life

A tool:

  • For true life skills.
  • For better health and 50% less sickness, according to over 600 studies.
  • For clearer thinking and better overview.
  • For more energy and profit in everyday life.
  • To do less and achieve more.
  • For personal development and spiritual renewal.