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About us

Development of Consciousness
We are a Folkschool devoted to the development of consciousness, which implies that we research the nature of human consciousness, - what it contains and how it functions ultimately.

How can consciousness explore itself?
We won’t discover anything if we don’t examine it. But how do we do research into consciousness, when consciousness at the same time is the examining agent? How can it explore itself?
The answer is, that one turns the awareness inside towards the source of awareness, the source of the thinking process, the burning point from which all energy streams into our awareness and our body consequently. This is the original purpose of any meditation.

Traditional scriptures
This level being the deepest level of consciousness is called Veda, which means knowledge. In the old north it was called Edda. Those two words have the same root.
The Folkschool for the Development of Consciousness is based on a profound realisation and direct experience of the full range of the human awareness, not on knowledge found in books or old dusty recordings, even though these might be interesting to read.

Living knowledge
What we are talking about is the enlivenment of the fundamental wisdom level, the source of all energy and alertness deep inside our awareness. This experience is a sense of BEING knowledge rather than HAVING knowledge, which was the usual way of obtaining knowledge. Being knowledge means a spontaneous way of living at a higher level of energy permeating all cells of the body allowing higher states of consciousness.

Transcendental Meditation
The greatest exponent of this Vedic knowledge in our time is the sage Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Transcendental Meditation originates in Vedic Science which is founded by Maharishi.