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Data security

The high school is covered by the new EU directive - the Personal Data Regulation.

This means that the school must keep recorded data in a manner that is safe for the course participant and that data may only be used for course purposes and only by persons employed at the school and has a definite purpose of using the recorded data.

The school only collects data that is required under the Act on Folk High School in order to maintatin approval of the state to run Folk High Scholl.

Personal information is never given to third parties, and only data that the person himself has submitted is recorded. The course participant is entitled at any time to know what data is registered on him / her.

Data is stored throughout its life - including in order to be able to provide documentation for a high school stay.

When you sign up for a course, you at the same time give the school the consent that we can send you news about the school. You are entitled at any time to revoke consent for using your contact information for news about the high school.

Data processing agreements have been entered into in accordance with applicable legislation with those companies whose IT systems the high school uses.