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Jewellery Design and Spirituality

- Dive into the world of colours and creativity.


During the course we will work with semiprecious gem stones, and you get a deeper understanding of colours and the stones. You will get a broad introduction to the gems and the energies they enhance and how they relate to the cosmos and our everyday life – for instance how they relate to the planets, the chakras and even to the weekdays. 

During the course you are encouraged to connect with yourself at a deeper level and from that level to design your personal jewellery according to the special connections you feels towards specific stones. As you will go deeper within, you will start to fell the stones talk to you, drawing your attention towards some and pulling you away from others. In that way working with the stones is a way of getting a deeper understanding of yourself. The course tutor will be available at all times to give guidance and advice.

Working with semiprecious gems and colours spontaneously promotes increased contact with your inner creative wisdom, the essence of your unbounded Self and promotes a deeper understanding of yourself. 

The atmosphere at the school is an atmosphere of meditation and yoga that will help you to connect with the silence in you – the place of eternal creativity and wisdom. From here you will make your own personal jewellery. Jewellery that will radiate energy to support you in your everyday life.


Notice that the costs of the material are not included in the course fee. However you can buy them at a very low purchase price. For instance a necklace will cost about 100 dkr. depending on the stones selected.


Course leader

As a Vedic Art tutor Kai Adamoniene encourages each student to listen to their intuition, the result comes second. When you create according to vedic art principles you are the artist, the creative process and the piece of art – at the same time. Kai also teach both long and short courses of Art, Creativity and Consciousness at the school.