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Art, Creativity and Conciousness

Development of creativity

Being creative is necessary for every human being, not just to solve existing problems, but also for life to evolve into something more - and better. The creative person knows nature's laws as thoroughly as any scientist, and lets them unfold through his personality as fully as any artist. Creativity and consciousness development have therefore always been intimately connected.

The creative process

There is a deep interaction between creativity and higher states of consciousness. When we immerse ourselves in the creative process something profound happens. We experience the stillness within, the deep ocean of bliss, and from here creativity blossoms and our creation takes form.

Nature as a workshop

Throughout the course you will experience inspirational works from the world of music, poetry and visual art. You will also have the opportunity to express yourself through creative activities in the art studio, at the beach and in the natural beauty surrounding Havnsø.

Topics covered during the course:

- Artworks and life experience:  art differs in different states of consciousness

- From concrete to abstract: the natural movement of the mind towards deeper planes

- The creation of a work of art: the process of artistic creation seen from the inside

- The positive image: saying yes to life and to one's own creativity: Maharishi Ayur–Veda, science of life

- Medical art and nature's own healing methods: 

- Humor as an art form:  satirical drawings in the Golden Age

- The basic principles of creativity

- Different views on the development of creativity

- Music experience and music therapy

- Art of life and visual art:  about the cross-border nature of life and art

- Information about Transcendental Meditation

- And the development of creative intelligence: architecture, urban planning and design in harmony with nature's laws

- Image language and the creative process: a practical workshop

- Introduction to the Gandharva Veda music


Course leaders:

Paul Raine

Paul Raine is a professional artist from Scotland, who has been meditating for over forty years. His experience of teaching includes ad hoc lecturing in Painting and Drawing at Aberdeen College and at Gray's School of Art, Aberdeen. Please visit the website teapotpaintings.com for more information. Examples of life drawings done as teaching demonstrations can be seen in the section 'other'.

Kai Adamoniene

As a Vedic Art tutor Kai Adamoniene encourages each student to listen to their intuition, and then the result follows. When you create according to Vedic art principles you are the artist, the creative process and the artwork at the same time.