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Residential Long Course

All human beings have an infinite potential. The resource found in human consciousness is perhaps the greatest of all.

Consciousness is the common denominator of life and an inexhaustible source of knowledge, intelligence, creativity, joy of life, and energy, which can be recognized naturally and effortlessly in a quiet mind - at the source of thought - and from here enrich and enlight all aspects of life.
During a long course you get tools for transformation and to create your life in a more creative and insightful direction. You get closer to your higher Self. That is what we understand by the development of consciousness.

The view to the seaside and the positioning in the most beautiful holiday resort creates a perfect frame for deep studies into the human nature and gaining health and creativity to body and mind. Here at the school, we have a beautiful and loving atmosphere, where you can rest, learn and get rid of everyday stresses. The food we serve is organic, vegetarian and cooked by Ayurveda teachings.

The course starts with an introduction week. Here we get to know each other and everyone has lectures together. After the introductory week you will have optional subject, that you choose, and common subjects everyday.


Optional subjects

During our residential courses we offer both basic subjects and optional subjects.
You choose the optimal subject that you find most interesting, and we promise you an in depth knowledge, because after the introductory week you will study your chosen subject every day. Read more about the different optional subjects in the menu.


Basic subjects

The basic subjects occupy two lessons every day, and they contain general knowledge about development of the human consciousness. The basic courses are given to all students, and below are listed some of them. You will study:

  • Maharishi Vedic Science – Gaining understanding of the full range of consciousness.
  • Nordic Mythology – The Ancient Nordic teachings on Consciousness.
  • How to ride the Tiger – Tools to handle stress effectively.
  • Wisdom of life from ancient cultures – A universal experience throughout the ages.
  • The most recent research into consciousness – The modern picture of the universe.
  • Ayurveda – The world’s most ancient and most holistic health care system upgraded to its unique level by the contemporary Vedic seer Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.
  • Ayurvedic Cooking – when the art of cooking merges with the science of life supporting nutrition.
  • The Creative Process – seen from the inside of the artist.
  • The two Doors of Knowledge - Philosophy of life and direct experience of the unbounded.
  • The original and most Ancient Method for Planning a good Life – introduction to vedic astrology.
  • Retreat and Action – And you will get the opportunity to dive deep within your inner force of creative silence.
  • Yogic Flying – Historic records and most recent experiences.
  • The Divine Experiment – Nordic cultural roots.
  • Transcendental Meditation – And close contact with the creative dynamics of the human consciousness.
  • Yoga, sport and daily exercise – and in addition the most fresh air from woodland and beach. 

Basic courses are mainly conducted by the principal of the Folk high school, Ole Blenkov.


You are very welcome to contact the school if you have any questions.

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