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Music and Joy of Life

Our music courses present a basic program that will equip you to enter the magic world of rhythmic music, even if this is your first time.
We offer courses in one the five most important instruments of rhythmic music:
  • Piano
  • Guitar
  • Bass
  • Drums
  • Vocal Expression.
You will also learn to practice rhythmic music as member of a band and you will have the possibility to experience the kick of performing in front of a grateful audience of folk high school students when we give concerts during your stay.
But you are also going to probe deep into fundamental music theory by getting knowledge of tones, intervals, scales and chords. When focussed on the Science of hearing we will practice listening to simple songs, that we afterwards will play on the instrument of our choice.
During the course all participants will get vocal training through chorus singing and you will experience the joy and energy of singing together with multiple voices.
In separate lessons we will study both the classic and the rhythmic theory of music in order to get a more profound understanding of the development of music and culture.
Other important elements of the course will be several guest speakers, as well as concerts with skilled and inspiring musicians, who will lift up our understanding of music to a higher level. And last but not least we will of course have a lot of fun and a really great time together. It is going to be music to warm up the feelings, but also deep understanding and cool appreciation of the magic universe of music.
Let it be underlined that no preliminary knowledge of music is required to participate; what you need is a genuine appreciation of music and the wish to develop your consciousness.

We welcome you to an inspiring course at The Folk High School for the Development of Consciousness


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