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Health Care Department

The health care department offers the knowledge of the most ancient health care system in the world, Ayurveda, in its most authentic version, Maharishi Ayurveda.
You will learn:
Simple tools to improve your health in a way which at the same time develop your human resources such as energy, insight, intuition, and happiness. Happiness is not just the best medicine. It is also a way to mobilize motivation and develop creative interaction so that you are better able to handle the challenges of all areas of life.
Furthermore, you will receive:
An individual health care and development programme, which includes personal guidance from teachers at regular intervals throughout the course. The programme includes advice on nutrition, digestion, purification, exercise, yoga, meditation, daily routine, aroma therapy and many other tools that can be put to use immediately in your daily life. An essential element in a Maharishi Ayurveda consultation is the ayurvedic pulse reading, which in a few minutes gives the health consultant a detailed picture of whether the laws of nature which structure your mind and body are balanced and well functional.
The highlight of the course will be the experience of an intensive ayurvedic treatment which includes a synchronous massage by two professional massage therapists and a herbal steam bath. This is really the experience of ultimate comfort.
Our vocation is to improve your quality of life.
A course in Ayurvedic health care is an investment for life.

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