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Graphic Design and Digital Art

During this course you will be introduced to Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign, Two very powerful programs for image manipulation.
We go through various exercises, which enables you to create sophisticated graphical images on your own.
We begin with an introduction to the basic layout of Photoshop, which are the toolbar, palettes and menus among other things.
As time goes by, you get an increased understanding and familiarity with the program.
The teaching consists of bound exercises as well as free ones. The purpose is to enhance imagination and creativity as well as to produce high quality artistic images.
You will learn how to make use of both Photoshop and InDesign in ways that suite your own personal temperament.
There are always at least two ways to do things. You choose your way.
Through a specific technique, your basic drawing skills gets further developed, and you start experiencing the creative process as a spontaneous expression of your own underlying awareness.
Gradually you will notice how creativity flows more effortless while your work takes on greater artistic value and beauty. This happens because you become more infused with your own inner silence.
All of your graphic work gets collected in an ”Artbook”, and of course we finish with a graphic art exhibition
The graphic department is conducted by Henning Lau Hansen, graphics artist with an MA in Computer Graphics.

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