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Film and Theatre

"The David Lynch Film Department"

The Film Course
Our film course offers an all-round introduction to people who like to experiment with sound, light and scriptwriting, people who would like to work with live images, and who are interested in drama.
The course is a great opportunity to learn from professionals in the area of film and theatre, particularly if you intend to pursue a career in film.
David Lynch as your mentor
David Lynch inaugurated the David Lynch Film Department at a great conference celebration at our school in March 2007.
Introducing “The David Lynch Course” we can now offer students unique educational guidelines from one of the most famous filmmakers in the world. These guidelines are drawn from David’s own experience as a director, and they describe to us his method of discovering the basic ideas, which are further developed in his films.
To catch the big fish
At deeper levels of our consciousness more and more profound ideas are to be found. In order to ‘catch the biggest fish’, access to the most profound level of our awareness is required. From this level of our awareness we start to make use of the unused creative potential which lies within us.
Showing the result of this endeavour on a big screen is the fulfilment of this diving into consciousness.
The film curriculum introduces the student to short film, art film and scriptwriting. During the course of several workshops, additional topics are dealt with, such as: 
  • ·         Video technique
  • ·         Cutting and computer editing (Final Cut)
  • ·         Camera exercises and cutting
  • ·         Film history and film analysis
  • ·         Camera as pen
  • ·         Film music
  • ·         Camera technique
 Script writing
The core of our course is an intensive training in scripting a movie. Visual writing, action writing and writing in images are explored. The course reaches out to people who are interested in writing scripts as well as to people already familiar with them, such as instructors, actors, writers, academicians, people from the field of communication, and film buffs in general.

Through an extended focus on dramaturgy the course also aims to sharpen and improve the visual skills of people working within the field of communication. Dramaturgy is the art of understanding man’s psychological patterns, and thereby enlivening and articulating the artistic message of a script. This understanding makes script writing a universally applicable skill.
The course contains a theoretical as well as a practical introduction to the basic rules of dramaturgy in the context of film and short-film making. In addition the student learns to develop and complete his/her own short film manuscript. The course alternates between theory, writing exercises and film analysis. Writing is on the schedule every day, and students use each other as ‘intellectual sparring partners’ as the course progresses.
What you don’t learn in other places
At the “Folk School for the Development of Consciousness” we emphasize the importance of being present, having intimate contact with the inner silent creative forces at all times.
The closer we get to your own inner nature the more we will appreciate everything around us. And we see appreciation is the basis of success.
Amongst the most useful qualities an artist has, are an inner creative freedom and the ability to be aware of the uniqueness of the moment. Our school offers outstanding tools to develop these qualities, which are known to be found in the inner dynamic silence of the higher Self. Our school is based upon advanced experiences in the field of consciousness and Self realization
Our film course makes great talents greater.

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