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Art, Creativity and Consciousness

The development of consciousness means the development of the inner wisdom of life. A wisdom which is the essence of our own deepest Self. The basic concept of this course is that we have all we need inside in order to be fully creative and inspired human beings.

This art course covers traditional principles of art, such as form, color, and proportion, but in an un-traditional and completely unique way, which spontaneously promotes increased contact with inner creative wisdom, the essence of our unbounded Self.

We work with the principles of art through easy drawing and painting exercises, while at the same time relating the principles to ourself and to our own life.

In this way the creation of art becomes relevant in a completely different way. It is as if the inner artist and the power of creativity are playfully unfolded, and one experiences that everything is possible.


The purpose of this course is:

·      To give a deeper experience of inner creative processes and to enhance our own creativity.

·      To increase our ability to see new possibilities in a work of art and to experiment with new materials and techniques.

·      To provide tools which can break a possible blockage or uninspired state, and to find ways back into the always lively, but occasionally hidden, deep creative power.

·      To learn to let go, and thereby become a channel for even greater creative powers.

·      To release the pressure of inner self censorship. 


The course begins with a grounding in basic drawing techniques, but there is no requirement for a course participant to have a particular talent for drawing. With regular practice and consistent individual teaching, it is almost impossible not to learn to draw adequately.

From the start of the course there will be an emphasis on maintaining a balance between free expression and the development of a sound artistic technique. During the first month the students will draw from still life arrangements, from photographs or from the clothed human form. A variety of media will be explored; pencil, charcoal, inks and chalks on various papers. There will also be the possibility of developing a feeling for form through modelling in clay. Throughout the course the psychological or spiritual aspects of image making will be considered, as well as the purely aesthetic ones.

During the second month of the course oil and acrylic painting will be introduced and students will be encouraged to develop what they have learned in the drawing classes into the realm of colour.

By this point individual styles and preferences will have become apparent, and course participants will begin to work creatively on artworks which express their own ways of seeing, whether that be abstract, surreal, realist, collage based etc etc. With a class of creative individuals it is likely that there will be many imaginative approaches to making art, and individual diversity will be encouraged. At this point the confidence and skills acquired during the first four weeks will begin to prove their worth. The course tutor will be available at all times to give guidance and advice.

Throughout the course there will be demonstrations of drawing and painting given by the tutor. For those students who are interested in the subject, there will be instruction in portrait painting, from life and from photographs. 

It is proposed that at the end of the four-month period there will be an exhibition of the students' paintings, drawings and sculptures. 

To further enlarge the students' understanding of art, lectures on art history will be given, illustrated with hundreds of onscreen images.

On this art course creative integrity is valued above mere skilfulness. It is designed so that everyone can participate in it, even if they have never painted before. 


You will learn how to paint a portrait. It may be of a friend, a family member, yourself....even your family pet! You will begin by doing simple drawing exercises and progress very quickly to a finished painting. The art teacher will give demonstrations and you will learn basic principles and techniques which will ensure a good result. No matter what your level of skill, there is a way for you to make a painting you will be pleased with.

Course leaders

Paul Raine

Paul Raine is a professional artist from Scotland, who has been meditating for over forty years. His experience of teaching includes ad hoc lecturing in Painting and Drawing at Aberdeen College and at Gray's School of Art, Aberdeen. Please visit the website www. teapotpaintings.com for more information. Examples of life drawings done as teaching demonstrations can be seen in the section 'other'.

Kai Adamoniene

As a Vedic Art tutor Kai Adamoniene encourages each student to listen to their intuition, the result comes second. When you create according to vedic art principles you are the artist, the creative process and the piece of art – at the same time.

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