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Detox – naturligt

Try our AyurVedic seasonal cleansing – A one week stay at our beach resort at the Folkhighschool for the Development of Consciousness. We offer for the first time in Denmark a routine for preparing for the coming season. An effective and comfortable removal of toxins in the body together with the knowledge and inspiration of the original spiritual goal of detoxing.

Detoxification though is not always comfortable, but you will be highly motivated by insights into your enhanced wellbeing and experiencies of bliss. All along this journey you will have glimpses of how it feels to achieve a more purified body, a deeper sense of self.

Ama pachana

is the ancient sanskrit expression for removal of toxins from the body. This active 7-day powerful herbal purification program is easy to follow and makes one relaxed, relieved and rejuvenated.

What is included?
- eating without creating toxins

- understanding what makes food super healthy

- one day in the aurvedic kitchen

- ayurvedic herbal preparations to boost purification and to support healthy and timely functioning of body systems

- digestive decoction and hot water therapy

- light yoga, and walk on the beach

- descriptions of different systems of meditation

- introduction to the popular expression of ’transcending’:

Transcendental Meditation, Yoga postures, breathing exercises, Gandharva veda music, vedic recitation, aroma treatment, marma treatment, ayurvedic herbal preparations, vedic architecture, calming oil treatment, vedic art.

Expected results:
- rejuvenated body by removal of toxins (ama)
- fresh and clear mind
- increased energy and vitality
- improved digestion and well-being
- radiant complexion, with a smile on your face
- balanced body Weight

We welcome you to a new and fresh experience of the coming season.

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